Chughtai Lab Multan Contact Number, All Branches Address

Chughtai Lab Multan Contact Number, Rate Lists, Multan Branches

Chughtai Lab Multan collection center provides  free sample collection and online reports through given login IDs to their patients. Most popular labs in Pakistan are Agha Khan Laboratory, Shaukat khanum Cancer Diagnostic Laboratory, Chughtai Laboratory. Today we are sharing with you Chughtai Lab Multan contact number for your convenience and if you want to visit Chughtai Laboratory than its address is Khan Medical Complex Nisthar Road, Multan. You can also find Chughtai lab Lahore contact numbers.

Chughtai Lab Multan Contact Number & Address

Chughtai Lab Mumtaz Abad Colony Multan

Address: Shop No- 1028/B, Property No- 2832, Ward No-7, Muslim Block-B, Multan.

Phone Number: 0342-4997471, 0342-4997472.

Chughtai Lab Near Azeem Hospital Multan 

Address: Near Azeem Hospital, Tariq Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 0344-4479546.

Chughtai Lab Garden Town Multan

Address: Ameer Patient Care, Near Garden Town, Shair Shah Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 03111456789.

Chughtai Lab Nishtar Road Multan 

Address: Nishtar Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 0345-8401285.

Chughtai Lab Wapda Town, Phase-1 Multan

Address: Shop No.13- A & B, Block- D, Northern Bypass, Multan.

Phone Number: 0346-6157412, 0346-6199326, 061-6521430.

Chughtai Lab Dolat Gate Multan

Address: Dolat Gate, Multan.

Phone Number: 0348-4840042, 061-4502332.

Chughtai Lab Suraj Mian Road Multan

Address: Multan Medical Compex, Suraj Mian Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 03036713612.

Chughtai Lab Jinnah Market, U-Block Multan

Address: Jinnah Market, U-Block, Near Rescue 1122, New Multan, Multan.

Phone Number: 0616562737, 03458406764.

Chughtai Lab Near Gestro Clinic Medicare Hospital Multan

Address: Gestro Clinic Medicare Hospital, Abdali Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 03111456789.

Chughtai Lab Near Purani Sabaz Mandi Multan

Address: T.H.Q Hospital Road, Near Purani Sabaz Mandi, Multan.

Phone Number: 06426022229, 03454008427.

Chughtai Lab Zakria Plaza Nisthar Road Multan

Address: Zakria Plaza, Nisthar Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 061-4500595, 0345-8401294.

Chughtai Lab Dost Medical Complex Nisthar Road

Address: Dost Medical Complex, Nisthar Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 061-4500595, 0345-8401294.

Chughtai Lab Khan Medical Complex Nisthar Road Multan

Address: Khan Medical Complex, Nishtar Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 061-4500622, 03467698947.

Chughtai Lab Near South Punjab Clinics Multan

Address: South Punjab Clinics, Ghausa Ul Azam Road, Suraj Miani Road, Multan.

Phone Number: 03111456789.

Chughtai Lab Opp. Children Hospital Multan

Address: Tareen Road, Fawara Chowk, Opp Children Hospital, Multan.

Phone Number: 061-4580042, 0344-4473168.

Chughtai Lab Detail Information:

Owner of Chughtai Lab:         Akhtar Chughtai

Chughtai Labs collection center timing: 10AM to 11PM

Chughtai whatsapp Number: 03111456789

Apki Sehat ka Number: 03-111 456 789

Owner and MS contact Number: N/A

Complaints/ Email ID:

Chughtai Lab Rate Lists:

  • Young Health Profile– Rs:6050
  • Basic Health Profile– Rs: 8500
  • Senior Citizen Profile (Male):– Rs:4850
  • Senior Citizen Profile (Female)– Rs:6600
  • Liver Function Test (LFT)– Rs:1650
  • Extended Thyroid Test – Rs:5500
  • Thyroid Function Test – Rs:3850
  • Diabetes Test – Rs:2050
  • Polysystic Ovary Syndrome Test – Rs: 5750
  • Female Infertility Test – Rs:15750
  • Menopause Profile – Rs:11550
  • Basic Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Profile– Rs:5700
  • Osteoporosis Profile– Rs:4200
  • Executive Health Profile A – Rs:29500
  • Executive Health Profile B: – Rs:23000
  • Healthy Heart Profile – Rs:5500
  • Heart Disease – Rs:5400
  • ANTI HIV – Rs:2500
  • Blood C/E (Complete, CBC) Rs: 680
  • 25-Hydroxy Vitamin-D Rs: 3200
  • ANTI HCV Rs:2200
  • Blood Glucose Random Sodium Fluoride Vial (Sugar Vial) Rs: 300
  • HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) Rs: 1650
  • HBsAg (Quantitative) Rs: 3000
  • HBV BY PCR (Qualitative) Rs: 7000
  • HBV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation) Rs:11000
  • HCV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation) Rs: 9500
  • HCV Qualitative PCR Rs: 7000
  • Iron / Fe Level (Serum) Rs: 650
  • Lipid Profile Rs: 2200
  • Biopsy for H/P (Extra Large Specimen) with History Rs:6050
  • Biopsy for H/P (Large Specimen) with History Rs:5000
  • Liver Function Test With GGT (LFT) Rs: 1650
  • Urine C/E (Complete, Analysis) Rs: 400
  • Anti-Rabies Virus Glycoprotein IgG Rs:6600
  • Anti-Scl-70 Rs:2650
  • Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) Rs:3500
  • APTT Sodium Citrate Tube Rs:800
  • Arterial Blood Gases Rs:1300
  • Arthritis Profile Rs:6550
  • Ascitic Fluid for (AFB Smear/ZN Stain) Rs:450
  • Ascitic Fluid for (Gram Stain) FLUID Rs:450

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