Dr. Raseeda Azmat contact number, Gynecologist in Karachi

Dr. Raseeda Azmat

Dr. Raseeda Azmat has Done MBBS, and MCPS and is a competent Gynecologist in Karachi, and is available at Rehman Memorial Hospital, KMC Work Area. Karachi City, Sindh. She has 20 years of Trusting Quality Communication experience in this field and is well known in the field Gyne department. she has latest healthcare operating machineries. You can get the appointment through the given information and contact numbers. Book an appointment with Just a phone call.

Dr. Raseeda Azmat Contact Information:

Contact Number:  021-99238181

Fee Structure: Rs.2000

Clinic Address: Rehman Memorial Hospital, KMC Work Area, Karachi

Timing: 24 hours

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