Jazz Internet Heavy, Jazz Device Packages

Jazz Internet Heavy, Jazz Device Packages

Jazz internet heavy brings 150GB free internet data (75GB 1AM to 1PM) for a whole month in Rs.2600 plus including Taxes. This is the exciting offer for the jazz customers because 75GB useable (1am to 1pm).

This MBB device package from Jazz for 3G and 4G comes with a data limit of 150GB per month. This package is priced in Rs. 2600 for 30 days. Here you can find other jazz MBB device monthly internet packages like Jazz monthly internet regular Package. Detail of Jazz internet heavy is as under and how to subscribe it.

Jazz internet heavy Package:

Free internet: 150GB (75GB 1AM-1PM)               

How to Subscribe Jazz device internet packages

Subscription Code: *117*74#

Check Status: *117*74*2#

Subscription Fee: Rs.2600 plus tax

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