KFC Mardan Contact Number, KFC Pakistan Location

KFC Mardan Contact Number

KFC Mardan Contact Number

Today we are sharing with you the KFC Mardan Contact Number that is 03218420045 and if you want to visit KFC Mardan and enjoy your meal or takeaway than its location is Nowshera – Charsadda Road, Mardan, 23200. If you have any complaint or suggestion you can dial KFC helpline number which is 111-532-532. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Raza Pirbhai is owner/Chief Executive Officer KFC Pakistan.

For any query you can connect KFC management through Email or social media accounts like facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram etc. which is given below. KFC is founded by Colonel Sanders, Pete Harman in 24.09.1952. KFC is a American fast food restaurant which has approximately 22621 locations in 150 countries of the world. After McDonald’s, KFC is the second largest fast food chain restaurant in the world.

Here you can also find KFC North Karachi Contact Number, KFC Pakistan Address for your convenience.

          KFC Mardan Contact Number Detail

  • Contact Number: 03218420045
  • Address: Nowshera – Charsadda Road, Mardan, 23200
  • Helpline Number:  021-111-532-532
  • Whatsapp Number: 1246 537-8888
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/kfc
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com › kfcpakistanofficial
  • Website Address: https://www.kfcpakistan.com/
  • Facebook Address: https://www.facebook.com/KFCPakistan/
  • Email Address: customer.service@kfc.com.pk

                 KFC Pakistan deals with prices

                            Everyday Value

Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Krunch Burgercrispy chicken fillet in a soft bun210
Rice and SpiceAromatic arabian rice with 6 pcs of hot shot280
Rice and SpiceCrispy zinger strips rolled into a paratha280
Krunch Burger with DrinkKrunch burger with a regular drink.290
Krunch ComboKrunch burger with regular fries & regular drink.410
Chicken and Chips2 pieces of Hot & crispy chicken with fries, dinner roll.425
Krunch Chicken ComboKrunch burger with 1 piece of hot & crispy chicken and regular drink.450
3 Pcs Chicken3 pieces of hot & crispy chicken.450

                      Ala Carte and Combos

Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Twister2 zinger strips drizzled350
Zingerzinger with KFC’s signature dressing490
KentuckyCrispy zinger fillet with a beef pepperoni, cheese, crispy onions510
Zinger Stacker2 krunch fillets with KFC’s spicy mayo,510
Mighty Zinger2 whole muscle zingers with KFC’s spicy mayo,620

                          Signature Boxes

Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Crispy Box2 Pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 1 Regular Fries, 1 Regular Drink & 1 Coleslaw.520
Boneless Box4 Zinger Strips + 1 Coleslaw + Fries + Drink + 1 Dip + 1 Dinner Roll.570
WOW Box1 Zinger Burger + 1 Pc Chicken + 1 Fries + 1 Drink + 1 Coleslaw.795
Crispy Duo Box5 Pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken + 1 Large Fries + 2 Drinks.990
Xtreme Duo Box2 Zingers + 2 Pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken + 1 Large Fries + 2 Drinks.1220


Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Value Bucket9 Pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken1375
Family Festival 14 Krunch Burgers + 4 Pcs Chicken + 2 Dinner Rolls + 1.5 Ltr Drink1575
Family Festival 22 Zingers + 2 Krunch Burgers + 4 Pcs Chicken + 2 Dinner Rolls + 1.5 Ltr Drink1775
Family Festival 34 Zinger Burgers + 4 Pcs Chicken + 2 Dinner Rolls + 1.5 Ltr Drink1975


Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Salsa Sprinkled Wings8 Pcs of Salsa Sprinkled Wings390
Saucy WingsTangy Masala Wings, Thai sweet chilli & Buffalo Wings.390
Tangy Masala Wings (8Pcs)8 Pcs Tangy Masala Wings390


Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
6 Pcs Spicy Nuggets6 Pcs of Spicy Nuggets350
9 Pcs Spicy Nuggets9 Pcs of Spicy Nuggets470
Saucy WingsTangy Masala Wings, Thai sweet chilli & Buffalo Wings.390
French FriesCrispy fries with your favorite KFC meal.220
French Fries BucketAmazing bucket of fries with Mayo.330
Hot Shots – 9 Pcs9 Pieces of HOT SHOTS300
Snack Bucket4 Hot Wings + 4 Hot Shots + 2 Zinger Strips + 1 Dip.420
Hot Wings – 10 Pcs10 Pcs-Hot Wings.450
6 Pcs Nuggets6 Pcs Nuggets350
9 Pcs Nuggets9 Pcs Nuggets470
Chicky Meal 11 Krunch Burger + 1 Chicky Fries + 1 Drink/Slice + 1 Toy.395
Chicky Meal 24 Nuggets +1 Chicky Fries + 1 Drink/Slice + 1 Toy.395
1 Chicken Piece1 Chicken Piece210
ColeslawIt is made from fresh vegetables, and creamy dressing50
Corn On The Cob – RegularSweet and buttery corn on the cob150


     MIDNIGHT DEALS* starts 12:00am

Name of DealDetail of DealPrice
Midnight Deal 11 Zinger Burger + 1 Regular Drink395
Midnight Deal 22 Krunch Burgers + 2 Regular Drinks490
Midnight Deal 31 Mighty Zinger + 1 Regular Drink580


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