Manthar Coach Shaikurpur Contact Number, Manthar Bus Stand

Manthar Coach Shaikurpur Contact Number

Manthar Coach Shaikurpur Contact Number

In today’s post we are sharing with you the Manthar Coach Shaikurpur Contact Number that is 0301 4473541 and if you want to visit Manthar Coach Shaikurpur than it is located at Batti chowk, Manthar Adda, Shaikupura. If you want to get more information regarding online tickets, online booking, fare and cargo, you can easily get by dialing Manthar Bus Service helpline number which is 068-5709595.

Manthar Bus Service is one of the oldest and leading bus service company of pakistan. It has 30 plus terminal in pakistan, covering almost 40 plus cities and about 35 years experience in field. For any query you can also visit Manthar Bus Service official facebook which is given below.

Here you can also find Manthar Coach Sajah Contact Number, Manthar Bus Service for your convenience.

          Manthar Coach Shaikurpur Contact Number Detail

  • Contact Number: 0301 4473541
  • Address: Batti chowk, Manthar Adda, Shaikupura
  • Helpline Number:  068-5709595
  • Website Address: https://
  • Facebook Address:
  • Email Address: 

Manthar Transport Ticket/Fare Price List

RouteViaTicket Price
Sadiqabad to ShaikurpurGT Road2200/-
Sadiqabad to ShaikurpurMotorway2200/-
Sadiqabad to RawalpindiMotorway2400/-
Sadiqabad to ShaikurpurKLP Road2000/-
Sadiqabad to JehlumMotorway2200/-
Sadiqabad to ShaikurpurMotorway2200/-
Shaikurpur to ZafarwalHigh-way2500/-
Shaikurpur to GujratHigh-way2000/-
Shaikurpur to QuettaBhawalpur2500/-
Shaikurpur to ShaikurpurSadiqabad – Multan3800/-
Shaikurpur to ShaikurpurHigh-way3000/-
Shaikurpur to ShaikurpurSukkur – Ghotki – Sadiqabad2400/-
Rawalpindi to SadiqabadMotorway2400/-
Bhawalpur to QuettaSadiqabad2500/-
Bhawalpur to NarowalSadiqabad2300/-
Bhawalpur to SargodhaSadiqabad2200/-
Ahmedpur Sharqia to ShekhuporaHigh-way2000/-
Shaikurpur to ShaikurpurSadiqabad2100/-
Shaikurpur to QuettaBhawalpur2500/-

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