Zong free Facebook offer,  Zong free Internet Packages

Zong free Facebook offer,  Zong free Internet Packages

Zong is the very popular cellular internet service provide company in Pakistan. Zong has been also providing unique call and SMS packages to its customers. To expand its customers the company offers most valuable Zong free internet Packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Customers may also purchase all-in-one packages from Zong, which include free on-net/off-net minutes, SMS, and internet MBs.

Zong free Facebook offer brings unlimited internet data for a one day. Zong gives a specials feature Facebook Flex that allows Zong users stay connected without balance. Through this Zong user can use Facebook posts, friends chat, comment, likes and send friend requests without balance just switching to the free mode.  Here you will find the Zong free 3G&4G Packages for Facebooks and how to subscribe it. Here you can also find Zong weekly mega data offer.

Mostly frequently asked Questions:

  • How can i get free data on Zong?
  • Answer: Just dial from your phone this code. *44# or *754# valid for 7 days

How to Subscribe Zong Free Facebook offer:

There is no need to subscribe. It will be active when Zong customer use Facebook on his smartphone.

Zong Helpline Number: 310

How to check Zong balance code: *222#

How to share Zong balance: *828#

How to get Zong advance loan: *911#

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