Zong Internet SIM 27GB Package, Zong Monthly Internet Offer

Zong internet sim 27GB package, Zong Monthly Internet Offer

Zong internet sim 27GB package is the exciting internet data offer for the use of full time internet browsing. Zong gives 12GB full time data (including 15GB time limit (4AM to 4PM) for 30 days. Now you can connect with your friends and family on social media whole month through this offer.

In this package total 27GB internet mobile data for browsing in just Rs. 1250/- without tax valid for 30 days. To subscribe this offer enter MBB child number /internet SIM number and press subscribe button. Then you will 7 digit pin receive. Enter your pin and verify your subscription. Here you can also find other exclusive zong monthly packages like zong super max package. Detail of Zong internet sim 27GB package is as under and how to subscribe it.

Zong internet sim 27GB package

Free internet data: 27GB (15GB including 4AM to 4PM)               

How to Subscribe Zong internet sim 27GB package

  • Subscription Fee: Rs.1250 (consumer price)
  • Zong Helpline Number: 310
  • How to check Zong balance code: *222#
  • How to share Zong balance: *828#
  • How to get Zong advance loan: *911#

Terms & condition

  • All prices are inclusive of Taxs.
  • If using data with any subscribe offer which 1.0+ tax/MBs will be charged.
  • 19.5% sales tax applies on Usage.
  • 15% advance income tax applies on every recharge.

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